ImageInLife is proud to share with you its publications:

1.« A Model of Superinfection of Virus-Infected Zebrafish Larvae: Increased Susceptibility to Bacteria Associated With Neutrophil Death » 

Laurent Boucontet, Gabriella Passoni, Valéry Thiry, Ludovico Maggi, Philippe Herbomel, Jean-Pierre Levraud and Emma Colucci-Guyon.

2. « Neutrophils use superoxide to control bacterial infection at a distance »

Quang Tien Phan, Tamara Sipka, Catherine Gonzalez, Jean-Pierre Levraud, Georges Lutfalla, Mai Nguyen-Chi.

3. « Sequential formation and resolution of multiple rosettes drive embryo remodelling after implantation »*

Neophytos Christodoulou, Christos Kyprianou, Antonia Weberling, Ran Wang, Guizhong Cui, Guangdun Peng, Naihe Jing & Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

*Publication is available in Open Access on this link.

4. « A contractile acto-myosin belt promotes growth anisotropy during the early stages of pectoral fin development in zebrafish »

Elena KardashHanh NguyenMartin BehrndtCarl-Philipp HeisenbergNadine PeyrierasMarcos Gonzalez-Gaitan

6. « Morphogenesis of extra-embryonic tissuesdirects the remodelling of the mouseembryo at implantation »

Neophytos Christodoulou, Antonia Weberling, Douglas Strathdee, Kurt I. Anderson, Paul Timpson & Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

7. « Macrophage image segmentation by thresholding and subjective surface method »

Seol Ah Park, Tamara Sipka, Zuzana Kriva, Martin Ambroz, Michal Kollar, Balazs Kosa, Mai Nguyen-Chi, Georges Lutfalla, Karol Mikula

8. 3D + Time Imaging and Image Reconstruction of Pectoral Fin During Zebrafish Embryogenesis*

Hanh NguyenJaume Boix-Fabrés, Nadine PeyriérasElena Kardash

*This publication will be available in Open Access after the embargo of 12 months.