Project 9

Development of a multimodal light sheet microscope for in vivo embryo imaging

Supervisor: Dr P. Loza, co-supervisors: local: Emilio J. Gualda, external: Dr J. Ripoll (P13)


Design, implementation and testing of a multiscale LSFM adapted to the needs of in vivo imaging from the subcellular level to the >400um size. The development of the instrument consists of: i) Optical setup, ii) Culture chambers adaptation (with WP1), iii) software for both control and image processing (with participants of WP3) and iv) sample preparation (with WP1). Emphasis will be placed on the construction of a super resolution-based LSFM.

Expected Results:

Instrumentation: New multiscale and multimodal Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope (LSFM) and new strategies for super-resolution in LSFM Skills: The ESR will be able to 1) design and build advanced imaging systems 2) work with live samples 3) Act as a interdisciplinary researcher between the different WPs by acquiring the multidimensional data and as intersectoral PhD at the interface between academia and companies.


  • Academic: P1 UM G. Lutfalla,  Transgenic lines, labels and biochemical tools P3 CNRS, N. Peyriéras, Sample preparation for mammalian embryo.
  • Industrial: P10 Tatramed Softw, J.urban,  Advanced concepts for data and image processing

Links to other projects: Collaborations with ESRs1&4 to adapt imaging tools to multicolour reporters, with ESR14 to diversify the imaging solutions and with ESRs12&13 for best image format for high throughput analysis.