Project 8

Cell tracking in 3D+time images 

Supervisor: Pr K. Mikula, co-supervisors: local Dr R. Spir & Pr. Zuzana Kriva, external Dr S. Czanner (P8)


Development of novel methods for cell tracking and lineage tree reconstruction from 4D images of embryo development using numerical methods for solving PDEs, parallel computing implementation & high-performance computing (HPC) strategies to be used as transferable skills.

Expected Results: New mathematical models and numerical methods for tracking objects in 3D+time images, tested and tuned on real microscopic data, implemented on modern parallel computer architectures

Specific Employability: Companies dealing with algorithm & software design, image analysis or engineering simulations


  • Academic: P3 CNRS, Dr Nadine Peyriéras, cell tracking within the zebrafish embryo. P2 UL, Dr Marcel J.M. Schaaf, Single molecule Tracking
  • Industrial: P9 Acquifer AG, Dr Jochen Gehrig, data management for image processing and analysis

Links to other projects: ESR4, 5, 6, 7& 10 for object tracking (cells & viruses), ESR11& 13 for software implementation and modelling.