Project 14

SPIM in toto imaging for the reconstruction of morphogenesis (zebrafish & mammalian models)

Supervisor: Dr. Nadine Peyriéras, co-supervisors: external: Prof. Thorsten Wohland and Dr. Emilio J. Gualda (P6)

Objectives: Develop incubation chamber and SPIM detection unit for high speed 3D in vivo imaging of mammalian & zebrafish embryos only limited by sCMOS camera frame rate: design, implementation and test of an optical setup with remote focusing capability for multimodal light sheet microscope, an electronic command for camera control and SPIM illumination unit synchronisation. Image acquisition architecture for high throughput image processing.

Expected Results: Best temporal resolution of a SPIM imaging platform for zebrafish & mammalian embryos: the ESR will be able to design, build and test fast imaging acquisition instruments for a SPIM with clear understanding of imaging needs and constraints of biological samples in vivo. The instrument will be made available to other beneficiaries for live experiments with appropriate training and technical assistance for optimal results.

Secondments: P6 ICFO P Loza, new SPIM developments; P7 IP JP Levraud, Basics of infected zebrafish imaging; P3 CNRS N Peyriéras; Labelling, biochemistry tools & sample preparation; P5 STUBA Prof. K Mikula, Image architecture and Algorithmic

Links to other projects: ESRs4&5, Biological sample preparations; ESR7 image architecture for high throughput image processing; ESR9, testing of new SPIM setups.