Individual research projects

This section presents individual research projects of our ESRs:

Project 1: New reporters for the study of zebrafish embryo development and immune response

Project 2: Correlative light and electron microscopy in the mycobacteria-infected zebrafish embryo

Project 3: Single-Molecule Microscopy in zebrafish embryos

Project 4: Cell dynamics and genetic regulation in the zebrafish hindbrain morphogenesis

Project 5: Multilevel dynamics in rabbit embryonic development from in vivo multiscale imaging – Comparative approach with zebrafish for appendages patterning

Project 6: Live imaging of extra-embryonic tissues morphogenesis in peri- and post-implantation mouse embryos

Project 7: 3D+time image segmentation methods

Project 8:Cell tracking in 3D+time images

Project 9: Development of a multimodal light sheet microscopes for in vivo embryo imaging

Project 10: From whole-body imaging to whole-body modeling of viral infection in zebrafish

Project 11Mechanogenetic modelling of embryogenesis driven by empirical evidence from 4D microscopy images

Project 12: A smart imaging platform for automated high resolution imaging of zebrafish tissues and organs

Project 13: Efficient software solutions for medical image processing and analysis

Project 14: SPIM in toto imaging for the reconstruction of morphogenesis