Project 13

Efficient software solutions for medical image processing and analysis

Supervisor: Dr. Jozef Urbán, co-supervisors: Prof. Karol Mikula (external – P5), Dr. Mariana Remesikova (P5 – external)

Objectives: New efficient algorithms and software design for image processing (filtering, segmentation, registration, optic flow estimation & tracking) through development of complex software systems, design of numerical methods, efficient parallel computer implementation of numerical algorithms, high-performance computing (HPC) strategies.

Expected Results: Software implementation of the new efficient algorithms for medical image analysis including image filtering, atlas-based segmentation, non-rigid registration, optic flow estimation and tracking in branched structures.

Specific Employability: Academic or Startups/Companies for software design in image analysis.


  • Academic: P5 STUBA, Dr Róbert Špir, Efficient implementation of parallel algorithms P8, Manchester Met, Dr Silvester Czanner, Design of image segmentation methods
  • Industrial: P9 Acquifer AG, Dr Jochen Gehrig, Data management for image processing and analysis

Links to other projects: collaborations with ESRs 7 & 8 for segmentation and tracking and with ESRs 1, 8 & 11 for software implementation.