Project 12

A smart imaging platform for automated high resolution imaging of zebrafish tissues and organs

Supervisor: Dr. Jochen Gehrig, co-supervisors: local: Prof. Franz Schäfer, external: Prof. Annemarie Meijer (P2)

Objectives: Design, implementation and testing of new protocols and assays for automated multidimensional high resolution screening of zebrafish tissues and organs (mounting, imaging protocols & software). Integration into the robotic screening and data handling platform developed by Acquifer for detection of regions of interest or rare events and automated decision making and feedback to microscope (‘smart imaging’). Collaborative study of kidney disease models.

Expected Results: Readily accessible tools and easy-to-use framework enabling complex zebrafish screening assays: 1) Protocols for sample handling, treatment & mounting of embryo, and for imaging parameters 2) A workflow for image analysis, automatic extraction of image features and microscope feedback 3) Integration into screening platform and proof-of-concept studies guided by pre-clinical research requirements and consortium members.

Secondments: Academic: P5 STUBA Prof K. Mikula: Advanced image processing techniques; P2 UL, Prof AH Meijer, Integrating infection issues in the developed screening platform.

Links to other projects: collaborations with ESR2 for embryo handling and infection assays, ESR9 for instrumentation and ESR7 for image handling and analysis.